You say I contradict myself, well then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes
Walt Whitman


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Paul Warwick

Hi there! I'm an old fart, pretty old anyway, not generally known for the mildness of my views, but at least I try to be a sincere old fart. I think, paint, write and philosophise although  not actually an artist, poet, writer or philosopher in the professional sense but that has never stopped me from doing what I do or regarding it as having value and importance. I am blogging because I can. Its fun and I have an egotistical desire to make a record in cyberspace of all the unlikely, weird, mad, contrarian, sometimes kindly and constructive, sometimes blunt and offensive, often random thoughts, pomes and scribittings that take charge of my brain all the waking hours of my life and to do it before dementia sets in.

Godfree Finker
Hello folks. I am one of Paul's alter egos, God free and self sufficient. The only way of life I have ever known has been free of false hope, superstition, dogma, supernatural belief and the brain washing abuse of organised religions. I am indeed one of the most contented of humans and I love to share my thoughts with others in the sincere and honest belief that they too can choose to enjoy as much freedom and contentment as myself. If you find my views offensive it means you have doubts about yours. It does not make my conclusions wrong. However hard you find it, the truth goes on being true whether you like it or not.

Rafe Beedeeeye
And I am another (of his alter egos that is!) Good day! I have Norse origins. I sit at the table holding my council, watching, observing, contemplating and deliberating but all the time learning and growing. I can bite, I can kiss but I cannot lick. When it comes to my turn to speak I might or I might not. If I say anything It would have been necessary and I will speak without fear or favour. I mince no worms, tell no porkies, take no prisoners, eat no hats.