Thursday, 2 July 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 104

Time passes. Ubiquitous Tilia X europa border our side of a school playing field opposite and run the length of our road. They drive us crazy with their natural processes dropping masses of  golden dust followed by masses of nectar and in turn by masses of seeds which can helicopter for some distance and then later a glorious but messy gold and russet fall. To admire them through their moods and changes every day of the year gives me profound joy and as you do with messy children I deal with their natural processes which in the autumn includes collecting their leaves,  masses of them in cubic-metre builder’s bags, up and down the road and turning them into a light and friable leaf mold for my own garden. Here they are just before the virus came to our shores.

Here they are again in The Covid, in early July. Same trees taken from the same spot on our drive just in front of the gate.

Time passes but these denizens and companions of the natural community in our street will begin their return to winter lockdown when this autumn’s fall commences to take their long, well deserved rest after replenishing my leaf mold bin handsomely.

That is how I am taking The Covid. One day we shall all emerge into the spring sunshine of a brand new season and bud up anew. In the meantime we can take a rest, well deserved for many of us, and recharge the batteries.

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