Thursday, 9 July 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 108

Lockdown has it’s downside. Seriously, what must it be like to wake up with this in the morning!

I confess that I am no longer sure what to do about it. She says, much to my surprise, that she’s okay with it, that it reminds her of times past. Ah! La Cherche du Temps Perdu! Not always a sound plan when nature has been at work doing her own thinning, when luxuriance is no longer in evidence and the old wood is sadly diseased beyond redemption.

As is my way, not giving in to the challenge has so far had the upper hand but I felt a sad dose of giving-in-shortly coming on when this smiled back at me this morning from the shaving mirror.
Our locked down home hairdresser might be required to unlock herself soon so that we can all call it a day and move on.

The trouble is that moving on is at present a totally unknown risk. Anecdotal reports of rising cases are everywhere and there have been cases locally in our central shopping area. Only 2 but it is coincident with reports of a hospital A&E department shutting up shop with more than 70 staff positive with the virus, the lockdown of Leicester and serious new outbreaks being reported all over Europe.

As a result we are not dying for a pint any time soon and will not be using the Chancellor’s buy-one-get-one-free meal deal on a potentially infected repast in any restaurant. To be honest it sounds like an introductory mobile phone sales gimmick and as is usual with those things all the danger is in the small print. In this case the very, very small print in an 80 microns font.

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