Tuesday, 21 July 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 124

If this row all come to fully mature runner beans there will be a bumper crop in The Covid.

They make such a decorative addition to the garden too, their name, Scarlet Emporer, is apt. My Dad swore by this old and well established variety.

The Russia report has been published and it was after all a smoking gun. There has not been any evidence exposed for direct Russian meddling in UK elections, particularly the referendum, but it is none the less a damning indictment of the government. The ICS committee reports, robustly, that the johnson lied in every respect and detail regarding his reason for the delay to publication, that the government engineered that delay and that the government has neglected its prime duty to protect UK citizens from such external threats. No evidence was found because no government agency looked even though Russian meddling was widely claimed!

The obvious but important question is why? Both individual MPs and the Tory party benefit from close contact and funding from prominent Russian Oligarchs, some with close Kremlin connections so no doubt financial motives can be suspected.

Of greater importance is that their democratic mandate for Brexit could without foundation if any Russian involvement were found so they didn’t look!

They did nothing even though only 35% of the public actually voted for Brexit: though the margin of win was just a few percent: that those most effected, i.e. young people and expats, were excluded: that the demographic who would reap the consequences, the 18 to 40 year olds voted in great numbers against it: that Vote.Leave committed proven election offences: that it was largely won by lies, lies and more lies and by a direct and divisive appeal to anti-race sentiments common amongst older voters. The latest polls show that nearly 60% of UK voters would now vote to rejoin.

They looked the other way using the Trumpian excuse of “if we don’t test, the Covid numbers would be lower”. In this case “if we don’t look, there was no interference and we can deny it with impunity”.

And then the delays. Their attempt to discredit the process and delay the publication is tantamount to an admission that although Russian Interference cannot be proved it did happen and would be a further condemnation of the Brexit referendum result which has already been invalidated by the Electoral Commission.

How will history see this? History will record that a small group of self interested rich elite forced through and imposed their ideological agenda on the UK, devastating its economy, causing division and hatred within its population, enabling and legitimising far right extremist thugs by lying, whipping up racial hatred, committing election fraud and with the help of foreign funds and active interference. All of this against the democratic choice of the devolved nations and the underlying wishes of a blinded and duped English electorate who have now, now the facts are known, naturally changed their minds.

The johnson is an amoral, despicable and mendacious charlatan but If he had an ounce of political nous to save himself from the condemnation of a future recorded history he would hold another referendum and reverse Brexit altogether.

You reap what you cultivate, sow, water and fertilise, unlike my beans this crop is deadly toxic and should be destroyed before it kills the UK.

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