Saturday, 18 July 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 121

July 18th Covid data, today the government announced that it would not be publishing Covid cases and death data because of an error in the preparation of death data. So here it is anyway.

There were 40 new deaths.

At the same time as major easing of lockdown rules were announced and shortly before the clinically vulnerable (and those of us vulnerable because we are septuagenarians) are at last released in a pent-up tsunami of spending power the government have stopped publishing the very data we need to judge of the advisability of that before getting  out there to put our meagre pensions back into the government's coffers in taxes.

Their excuse is specious to say the least and it relates to the death data not the case data. As you can see from the PHE’s data  the number of cases today is 827 and there is now a clear indication that cases are on the way up. It is therefore daily more dangerous to relax our guard. This is the important number for us. Death rate will be lower because those of us not dead yet are still mostly indoors. The death rate will continue to decline but by the look of the case data only if we stay indoors. It is worth noting from the chart that 847 is a higher death rate than that published the day we went into lockdown.

On the 24th of July the wearing of masks in shops will become mandatory. Most shops that is but not Michael Gove’s favourite sandwich takeaway because otherwise he could also be accused of flouting the governments own advice. The law was changed to accommodate his hypocrisy and lack of responsibility for others.

We have talked, my wife and I, about making the 24th day the official end of lockdown for us and to adventure out with our new masks for maybe a little supermarket shopping. That is just one week hence. If the case trend continues that might decision might need to be revisited.

I am taking a breath at this point because for someone who has prided himself his whole adult life on his steady avoidance of anger as both an undesirable and destructive reaction is finding within himself an alien anger which is both vehement and justified.

The Covid has dealt me that awful injury.

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