Tuesday, 21 July 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 123

5 days and counting down. Political excitement seems to be headed for some kind of crescendo although that pales into insignificance against my excitement to be going out with the family for the afternoon to celebrate our grandson’s birthday. Here we are, for the first time in 122 days back in our car with another person and all suitably masked up behind which we are excited and grinning from hearing aid to hearing aid on our way to a local beauty spot high up on the Wiltshire Downs at Barbary Castle.

Wearing a mask is not a problem with regards to comfort however spectacles steam up in an enclosed space and the gap behind my ear is already over burdened with spectacle frames and the aforementioned hearing aids making an additional piece of elastic there rather problematic.

My wife and I arrived an hour ahead of the first contingent who had booked a clay pigeon shooting session just down the hill a bit and we took this opportunity to walk around the site together and take in views back over Swindon and to become reconnected with a heightened sense of wonder to the little details around our feet that always attract our interest. Colourful busy insects on wild flowers and grasses in their various stages of late summer development to fullness, seed heads and a gradual dessication in the high downland wind and warm sunshine. It would not be over stating the feeling of this experience one iota to describe it as ecstatic.

Our little get together lasted several hours. Interestingly the photos show me to be somewhat defensive in an arms crossed attitude, always a dead giveaway, and I admit to that. Conscientious distancing inculcates an ever present fearfulness around others however close those others are in normal times but I was also conscious of smiling my way through an exquisitely pleasant warm afternoon with a comparably sunny heart.

The Russia report will be published tomorrow. I believe the deliberate delaying of it’s publication is distraction politics and I am not therefore expecting much in the way of revelations.

You can have too much excitement!

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