Sunday, 14 June 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary, day 86 (80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85).

According to my reckoning today is day 86. We entered lockdown on 18th March,  it is now 14th June and it seems that time is flying by so fast that a few days, 5 to be exact, have been lost in transit. Be that as it may we find ourselves still battling on in this great and cosmic endeavour we call life safe in our lockdown bubble, enjoying our garden and now, more prosaically a little disappointed by a turn in the weather. That is Britain for you, our island weather is never reliable, always transitory  and never likely to hang around when you want it to.

I lay the blame, with some justification, for my loss of six days on the battle for survival. Unfortunately on old war wound has returned to haunt me and I have, as they say, been “out of the game”. But here I am, not fighting fit, but kicking back at life for being so tedious and looking forward to better days.

The news has been dominated by right wing thuggery and mindless vandalism going on in London which the johnson has euphemistically referred to as racist violence attempting, a la Trump, to not offend his extremist, fascist supporters by somehow conflating their thuggery with the BLM protests which were almost without exception much bigger and peaceful. I say euphemistically because this slobbish element are not just racists. They would be thugs, vandals and criminals for any reason they see fit because they must. Racism is just a lightning rod for their anger.

They are also Brexit supporters and for the same reason. The johnson has embraced and emboldened these fascist, nationalist extremists to fulfil his private ambitions and as was widely predicted their view of taking back control has been revealed in all of it’s savagery as the plan it always was, taking over control.

Meanwhile the extremely vulnerable, the elderly, the sick and the pregnant watch from their lockdown in horror at rampaging vandalism, racist taunts, attacks on police and a complete disrespect for both humanity in general and law and order in particular while a spectacularly corrupt and incompetent cabinet, without leadership, flails indecisively at Covid-19 with weapons grade ineptitude. We watch afraid of an invisible, deadly enemy locked in our bubble while the government’s allies bully, boast and brag their way across our TV screens unable to live free and normally in the bosoms of our families and denied our freedoms.

I believe Will Hutton’s statement today that this government has met it’s Waterloo is exactly right.

In the meantime we battle on.

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