Wednesday, 3 June 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 72

An historic day when MP’s voted to disenfranchise 17.5 million voters by excluding their MP’s from Parliament and vote through a proposal to, quite unnecessarily, return to a medieval method of counting through the division lobbies, instead of implementing an electronic button operated system like most of the underdeveloped nations. It is a sad reflection on and a disturbing parallel to the way we are being forcibly dragged back to ‘olden days’, economic enslavement and domination by a self-appointed rich and privileged elite, feudalism in fact. This cannot and will never succeed. There is no legitimate way such a political system can be sustained. Little Englanders and their English Exceptionalism are dying out in The Covid but more than this, you can own and control members of society who are ignorant, deferential, superstitious and uneducated through power and wealth as they did in feudal times but we are none of those things today. Meanwhile rapid and comprehensive intercommunication tools prevent people from being cut off and enable them to share instantly their instinctive reaction to oppression circumventing any attempt to divide communities one from the other.

I am now beginning to feel that positive change is afoot. Those who would take us to ruin for the sake of reliving the days when Britain ruled the waves, Britain would never be slaves but make damn sure as many other nations would be, could never have won in the longer term but they all appear to be so utterly stupid and incompetent even in the implementation of their own anachronistic ideologies. Governing us in The Covid has proved to be beyond their capabilities and they cannot do their vile work without making mistakes or blatantly demonstrating a paucity of basic humanity. I am optimistic that the fascists who are attempting to take over our nation will destroy themselves and that our obscene undercurrent of racially motivated hatred and nationalism is on the run. I am certain that demographic change alone will marginalise them in time and I further predict that we will return, chastened, to our European homeland in my lifetime. My father’s traumatic wartime experience at the hands of the Nazi regime will not have been in vain and the free and cooperating Europe he fought for, the greatest peace project ever undertaken, will get back on track.

The fountain pens can wait until tomorrow.

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