Thursday, 25 June 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary, day 98(and 95, 96, 97)

Hot yesterday (97, 95 and 96 flew by and left little time for writing). Our house is of two-skinned, concrete-block construction below a pretty thick cement and shingle rendering and is wonderfully cool in summer until it all warms up to ambient. This is usually around 12 to 1pm and until this time looking out towards the north from our open patio doors sipping a fresh hot coffee is an absolute joy. By some kind of perverse twist in our dining plans on this extremely hot day I am just about to cook up a batch of Chilli for dinner tomorrow which we prefer to be quite hot and tonight a frozen Lasan Murgh, also pretty hot, should help to clear the pores just nicely.

Today, day 98, is even hotter weather-wise and hotter for the government too by all reports. It is highly disconcerting that we have a prime minister who lies as a matter of habit even to HM the Queen: who uses racially offencive language: who loses a supreme court case for abusing parliamentary procedure: who tires to subvert the constitution: who lies in the House of Commons: who refuses to sack an adviser who broke his own lock down rules sending Covid law breaking through the roof, the same adviser by the way who had already found in contempt of Parliament and is currently being investigated for unfairly dismissing another minister’s adviser: a Home Secretary under investigation for bullying senior civil servants: a health secretary responsible for an absolute tragic and disastrous loss of 65000 lives so far in The Covid: an abandoned Coronavirus tracing App developed by a mate of the scumbag after wasting millions of tax-payers money on it and now a Housing Minister accused of corruptly influencing a previously rejected planning application in  favour of a Tory party donor.

It seems odd to say the least that these people should be running the government. On the face of it they were democratically elected but this is not the case. Less than 30% of voters actually voted for them yet the govern the other 70% and hold an 80 seat majority. We have ended up with a government of corrupt, incompetent, lying charlatans because of our voting system. It is outstandingly obvious that we are in desperate need to change to a proportional representation voting system. First past the post has, not for the first time but this time spectacularly, failed us. As you get older you begin to realise that our much lauded British common sense is actually in rather short supply. Yesterday, in the middle of a pandemic, Bournemouth counsel were forced to declare an emergency event because of the huge numbers of people on the beach. A sea of people all of whom had obviously taken a leaf out of scumbag’s book. Not an ounce of common sense in sight or even, one suspects, a brain cell to find it in.

The progress of this government is an almost direct parallel with political events in economically ravaged Weimar Germany following WWI which brought an extreme populist to power that had whipped up both racial and anti-socialist fears and used his popularity to make himself dictator. It did not end well. We have not yet got to the the ‘dictator phase’ but the Tories continued success in transferring power to the executive, controlling or avoiding the press, avoiding scrutiny, bypassing and neutering Parliament and undermining the rule of law are all steps in that direction. 

But the PM and his nodding-dog cabinet all seem pretty cool to a man/woman amongst all this heat, illegality and wrong-doing, no-one is sacked or resigning. 

We can manage, even relish, the heat from our curries and chillies but it seems to me that more heat is coming our way and it’s unlikely to nowhere near as appetising as my Lasan Murgh.

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