Thursday, 18 June 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary, day 89

I have real difficulties with fools. Not that I am openly rude or ill-mannered towards  them, or at least I hope not, but I am susceptible to an irresistible temptation to put them right. I find it impossible to brood on my frustrations as though they were newly hatched chicks bursting with life and ready for bursting forth on the world but in need of keeping in check. Mostly these are illogicalities which seem to be everywhere and which often arise out of bigotry or confirmation bias, a euphemism which amounts to the same thing. They cause the owners of those unfortunate characteristics to submit to foolish compliance or be prone to ill considered conclusions.

In The Covid I have find myself literally shouting at the television. Outside broadcast teams seem to be permanently set up and filming from stupid land. For example a farming presenter who proudly announce that due to social distancing he was going to be his own sound man thrust a furry microphone at his interlocutor just a few hundred centimetres from the man’s mouth and after the interview was over handled the thing when returning it into the back of his Landrover. 

I remember also a tennis match being conducted within social distancing guidelines in which the two players were gaily and obliviously bashing the same ball to and fro and handling it for each other’s serve without asking themselves if the virus could survive a ride through the air at 50 or 60 Kilometres per hour! (They were not professional players!)

Brexit took irrationality to another level. I know someone with a house on the continent who voted for Brexit and then complained when freedom of movement was stopped. Fisherman want their fishing grounds back from the French so they voted for Brexit for just that reason but fishing rights have actually been legally sold and they also added so much delay to the exporting process that the market for fish they do catch (60% of it) will be wiped out. There is an endless list of people, trades and businesses who simply allowed an emotional bias against immigrants to rob them of their reasoning. 

Some of these might be small issues and many people perhaps would regard my shouting at the television as a little over the top, unjustified and a tad weird but details matter to me and I make absolutely no apologies.

It would appear, and many have made this observation, that the UK government is a whole ship of fools and we are all headed for the rocks with them at the helm. Their open and unremitting mendacity, spouted with impunity is now a daily occurrence. Lying to Parliament, at one time almost the most heinous misdemeanour that an MP could be caught doing is now common place at all levels. Every political mistake that can be made is being made. Every step taken to fight the virus has either been too late, too little or gone wrong. The latest casualty being a ‘world beating’ Tracking App built under a £108 Million contract awarded apparently without tender or competition to a mate of the scumbag. This App did not beat the world and couldn’t even beat the Isle of Wight where it was trialled and where it only detected 4% of Iphones! The UK therefore will not have the very technology successfully used to save lives in other countries until very late in the day. So late in fact that it will be well after the second wave of The Covid which will probably explode everywhere shortly. These are not just fools. These are murderous fools.

What is taking place in the UK today is so reckless, so dangerous, so irreconcilably irrational and lacking in all that I understand as sense that I am tempted to believe in a logic and a plan which we cannot see. What is certain is that the government itself has concluded that we are all fools, that we are easily confused and given sufficient obfuscation, smoke and mirrors we are unlikely to notice before it is far too late to do anything about it exactly what they are up to. I strongly suspect that there is a plan, that it is sinister in intent and that we are not going to like it! 

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