Friday, 19 June 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary, day 90

As I said to ‘er indoors “Something must be done about it”. If I were to let her loose on it I would not expect anything other than an unmitigated disaster to be the end result but in the absence of our regular hairdresser something must be done and probably quite soon. If I tell you that we often have heated discussions about her performance on the pruning shears you might understand my not unreasonable fears, although, to be brutally honest, she would be starting with a problem which is already beginning to look worse than our untidiest shrub.

I have today discovered that the whole of my raised greenhouse tomato bed is, beneath the soil, one massive and busy ants nest. They have destroyed this years plants. Getting rid of these pests permanently is not going to be easy and it needs to be done before the queens fly and repopulate the whole thing with a new brood of the little blighters. Advice has been sought, Professor Google had nothing.

Our hairdresser comes to our home. She has been maintaining my barnet for at least 40 years and has become a friend and familiar visitor that we look forward to seeing again soon. Thinking about the issues involved led us to discuss how we proceed with our shielding. Our conclusion is that it is all about risk. When we ourselves feel that the risk out there is low enough we will, in our masks, venture out. The government is so untrustworthy that it matters not an iota what they say, recommend or instruct. We shall decide and when we do, it will be with the confidence of our own judgement. We are thinking perhaps in two weeks time, subject to any evidence regarding the strength of the second wave, then we will make our decision. In the meantime we continue to actually enjoy the peace and unhurried quiet and for the time being remain


‘Im and ‘er indoors.

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