Monday, 1 June 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 70

Momentous! This is the tenth week of lockdown and in my view the moment of greatest danger when the virus is running rife thanks to the excesses of VE day celebrations encouraged by both false and mixed messages from the johnson and thanks to the rules being largely made redundant by the action of a senior figure in government to render those rules effectively ‘optional’. Anger seems to be growing and in any situation of grave risk anger is never conducive to correct action, it serves only to increase the risk. The famous British Bulldog Spirit kicked in at the start and to any government should have been our most valuable asset but our ace card has been squandered by the above mentioned ‘senior’ figure who for the sake of argument we shall hereafter refer to as Scumbag. In similar fashion we shall also refer to our so-called PM as ‘the johnson’. Lack of capitalisation should immediately explain my homonymous inference. These two, probably now in violation of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act which came into force on 6th April 2008, must be, one day, held accountable.

This is the moment of greatest risk to We The Shielding and to our littlest kids who are being sent out to round up the virus and bring it back into homes and families before either the virus is under control or an effective track and trace system is in place. This is the system recommended by WHO as far back as January, implemented immediately by many countries who have avoided mass death but started late in UK and then cancelled altogether on the 12th March in favour of an immunisation program whereby everyone would be immediately exposed to it to gain immunity. Or in the widely reported words of Scumbag, “Economy comes first, if some old people die, so be it!”

Consequently, and in pursuance of this policy, We The Shielding are now being unlocked so that we can take our turn to die. We are being culled. It is not a comfortable feeling to be that much under valued by one’s own government.

In lighter mood tomorrow’s diary will be deliberately diverting. I intend to write down the story of my desk. It fascinates me, and this can be seen elsewhere in my work, that photographs can be almost meaningless eye stimulation until the story in their details is told.

This exercise will also mark the arrival of lockdown day 71. 71 is a special number for me. But that is for tomorrow.

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