Friday, 26 June 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 99

Just one day away from the 100 day milestone, still locked down, still keeping ourselves safe, still not bovvered! Here is the light of my life showing how to be world class at social distancing.

Bugger off up an old hill fort (we have a few round here, this one is Barbary Castle, late bronze age) and you can see nutters, idiots, or couldn’t-give-a-shits for miles. In fact we could have seen someone coming towards us from about Swindon 6 miles away. There were a few other people there. A couple of females with a child parked themselves down on the path itself meaning that those old folks like us out for our exercise were encouraged to work harder by disappearing down the side into the defencive ditch  to circumnavigate the human obstruction at two metres distant then clambering back up to the path the other side. I doubt if the builders back in biblical times could have that use in mind but marauders are marauders and they feel like that to us when ever we leave the house. It was a great little excursion though and worth the effort.

It has been announced that those shielding, the clinically vulnerable, and 70+ year olds will be allowed out of lockdown at the end of July. This at the same  time as the number of cases has gone back over a 1000 a day, 1112 yesterday. I think this is just a fob to keep us from taking risks in the interim and guidance will change. Either way we are following the data and we will decide. It seems obvious to me that if cases are rising and are now already at a higher level than for some weeks after lockdown was announced that it would still be unsafe to relax our guard.

By the way the Spinach has bolted. The beans and peas are flowering we have a good crop of chard and the gastropods have allowed some of our cauliflower and kale plants to survive. As ever with growing your own, you win some you lose some. The wildlife must have its share.

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