Thursday, 4 June 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 73

I’m sorry but I laughed. Could not help schadenfreuding. Not a real word but experiencing schadenfreude always carries a little guilt and a reluctance to confess that it was felt. My ‘schadenfreuding’ is an open admission to relishing the misfortune of others because they damned well deserve it and enjoying the relish without an ounce of guilt. I do hope Alok Sharma doesn’t suffer much and recovers quickly from the Coronavirus and I also hope that he has not infected too many other MPs or their families or all the constituents they might have seen or their office staff back in those constituencies but honestly, I laughed! It is rumoured that the dickensian spectral scrawny fingered apparition that is Rees-Mogg was heard to say that this was the last thing they wanted. He is trying to beef up the baying Bassett hounds of the Tory benches behind the johnson because on his own he is about as bad at the dispatch box as it is possible to be. Starmer’s calm analytical and forensic intensity in the face of a bumbling, harrumphing, lying charlatan on the ropes has turned the johnson into the Tory parties weak spot. The johnson is now their soft underbelly and it is getting riddled on the points of their own lies and crushed under the shear weight of their monumental errors not the least of which is steadily building up a substantial body of journalists who, having seen through all the lies and obfuscation, have become a substantial body of power ranged against this wicked government. By progressively shutting them out, hiding from scrutiny, selective vilification, open and unrepentant lying, data manipulation and downright dirty tricks they have built up an army of opposition who are now on the march.

Oh joy, oh rapture, schadenfreuding feels good. But I hope Alok Sharma is okay. I really do.

I started to acquire a little extra optimism yesterday, today I shall go about my gardening tasks cheerfully schadenfreuding.

Fountain pens tomorrow.

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