Thursday, 14 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 11

I have read this morning that in Italy and Spain they are not taking emergency patients to hospital who need ventilating unless they are UNDER 60. This surely is agism. If it happens here there should quite rightly be an outcry. People of this vintage have spent their hard working lives contributing to society and paying for the services now being deployed in this crisis and should at the very least be treated as equals not as too old to be worth saving. Many of them helped rebuild Britain through the straightened days of rationing after the last World War and have, more recently, been forced by this government to bear the brunt of austerity policies. I have today heard from someone in the UK who was told that the NHS would not respond to them even though they had severe breathing difficulties so the signs are ominous indeed. If that were not bad enough those people who have ignored and abused social distancing rules (and still are!) are not the over 60’s but members of the dickhead classes who presumably will go to the front of the queue for their tracheotomies and oxygen tanks! It make my blood boil!

There can be no better reasons to STAY AT HOME, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE and LOOK AFTER YOUR OLDIES 

Some, perhaps more useful, information worth checking on. Many food suppliers in the hospitality industries, hotels, restaurants etc,. Whose business is effectively on hold have started up new online shops to sell their products directly to the public.

I am cooking a curry tonight. I am always very liberal with the onions and garlic. Social distancing can have, even in normal times, many positive benefits.

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