Thursday, 14 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 4

Not an entirely great start. I have fathomed out that the vacuum cleaner’s rechargeable batteries need replacing and consistent with my total Dyson boycott I have ordered an equivalent third party unit. We shall see. Speaking of boycotts, Wetherspoons might go bust due to social distancing instructions and I have found it necessary to have a word with myself regarding inevitable schadenfreude that involuntarily arose from deep within. I was not altogether successful at suppressing it. Another negative today is that all the Tesco online shopping delivery slots are fully booked until the 10th April, all slots, any time of the day or night for delivery or click-and-collect. Now it seems totally obvious to me that all online shopping slots should be given over to any registered user over 70 who in theory at least should be staying indoors. If the government can instruct me to stay in it can instruct Tesco and all other online grocery suppliers to deliver my stuff. They know my birthdate FFS!

Concreting and grass cutting is still in play. I still do not know anyone personally who has the Covid-19 Virus as of now and that is all the good news I need. Little Alfie sneaked into the front garden, hid two parcels, posted a note and ran away. Thanks to him we enjoyed our first food parcels and a puzzle book each to keep us busy. It occurred to me that this whole crisis might do us and others of our generation some good to compensate just a little for extreme danger, possibly harm. Our generation tends to be independent to the point of rude bad manners. Many of us have never learnt how to be loved in a close and open way we are two busy worrying about others and defending both our independence and our pride. We have never felt so loved and cared for and it is such a warm, hopeful feeling just to gratefully accept so much love. Our neighbourhood school, friends and neighbours have all made us feel wanted and cared for. Here are Alfie’s little parcels.

Grass cutting failed. I stomped all over it in wellington boots making the steps so I should leave it to perk up a little before mowing it. Steps were completed and here is the evidence.

So today had a less than quality start but a positive ending. The longer this goes on the better the garden is going to look just in time to be shut down and packed away for next winter! I had the highest exercise number on my fatbit and will shortly get to my target step count. At this time little things matter a great deal. Stay safe folks. Stay indoors if possible.

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