Thursday, 14 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 18

Digging for victory has made some progress. Some time, years, has passed since this area was last cultivated. In that time the Lawson’s Cypress on the right has cleverly exploited the grass being watered by poking its roots underneath this whole area. What has been dug up, this is just today’s haul, can be seen on the left. Some of those roots are 100mm across! My shoulder hurts. Sharon has planted beans today, runner and french, and they are in the greenhouse for germination and planting out in May. I am re-purposing two shallow concrete alpine trays as salad vegetable containers for some lettuce. All serious stuff and there is a bonus, my Fatbit went berserk with excitement and congratulations for my achievement of 5 continuous days of strenuous fat burning exercise. Unfortunately this does not fully compensate for the two extra snacks a day I’m having.

The stupefying stuff mentioned yesterday needed some digesting so I waited a while before mentioning it. A 5G wireless radio mast was burnt down last night. A conspiracy theory now abroad and gaining traction claims that 5G wireless radiation causes immunity systems to be lowered and Corona symptoms made worse and people are believing it. I can understand gullibility but this is not gullibility, neither is it stupidity. This implies that some people actively search for explanations which are easily refuted by science and reason in order to elevate the impossible to faith worthy status. I am inclined to wonder if the gradual demise of religion in society must be replaced, for some people by conspiracy theories such as this, as an alternative improbability. The need to invent something to believe in without evidence seems to be powerful.

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