Saturday, 16 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 29

Today is day 30. This is, by way of both an apology to my diary for missing yesterday and a prescript to today’s entry later on, is a summary for yesterday, day 29.

Tomatoes are firing up their respective sticks and germination rate on the first sowing of lettuce is being roundly applauded by an army of gastropods currently trying to work out how to get up the side of a concrete planter. I am working on their ultimate frustration.

Yesterday was dreadful so by the time this entry was due I had nothing left to work with by way of inclination. In spite of the weather which by contrast was bright and cheerful, I found myself  stuck indoors on ‘administration’. Each little step forward had its greater or smaller issues but none were easy. It is a good time to repaint the garden sheds and fences but paint is hard to find. My first mistake was to join a 60 minute plus queue to make a click-and-collect purchase from B&Q and while I waited made a fatal call to renew our contracts with Vodafone. Nothing is straightforward any more, confusion it seems is a vital part in the process of selling you what you do not want for more than you want to pay and at a higher price than anyone else is paying for the same thing. I am not going to rehearse the ensuing nightmare but it went on long enough to miss my turn at B&Q which I needed to restart for another hour wait. Finally at the front of the queue and having checked for three in stock at my local store I had three tins of exactly the right stuff in my basket only to find that stock was in fact zero at the checkout! End of the line for fence repainting.

Three other admin tasks all with less than ideal outcomes continued to munch into my day until at 4:05 pm I escaped to the sunshine with a coffee to sit in desultory mental disorder mulling an opinion that if you cannot do stuff on-line under house arrest in a pandemic then the so called technology revolution that its said we are living in is actually only a revolution in how the purveyors of these systems have conned us! Tomorrow had better be an improvement on today.

Oh! And I planted a row of sugar snap peas and peace was ultimately restored.

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