Saturday, 16 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 53

I have a little confession to make today. Day 51 was spent a smidge worried. Just a smidge. On retiring to bed I felt decidedly unwell the previous night. Dizzy, head swimming quite a bit and the following morning even more so with a decidedly vicious and unwelcome headache and feeling nauseous enough to put off the breakfast I usually enjoy with some relish.
Naturally my first thought was along the lines of “oh well, its got me, might as well brace for it” and whilst wondering how this was possible and being aware that I needed to remove hearing aids before  inserting the thermometer on account of not wanting to unnecessarily add to my distress waited for the fever.
My little confession is that I was somewhat distressed for most of the day. None of the reports of the nature of Covid 19 symptoms are at all reassuring. Thanks to suffering from hypertension and having an immunity system knocked about by extensive surgery, peritonitis and a near death event I have every right. Distressed and unsettled I was bound to be.
The headache lasted and lasted and did not respond to painkillers. I ate but in desultory mood, out of necessity and without pleasure. After a day of doing little and feeling like doing less I headed off for an early shower concerned that I might fall in the shower but motivated by the idea that I would on any account be clean and tidy and in my jimjams when the paramedics arrive later.
I always shower tops down, ritualistic behaviour I think, shampoo the hair first, conditioner next and leave that to soak in while finishing off everything else then a final rinse. It took the first few seconds of shampooing to feel both the lump and the bruise on my head and for the penny to drop. The day before a wooden garden broom had fallen upon the unhatted bonce of yours truly from a height of some 2 metres as I unhooked a ladder from storage. I had concussion! Yeah!
I am fine today. Here I am in the shedio working on the last figurative painting I plan to do, it is time to move along, back to my normal irascible self and crack on!

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