Friday, 15 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 27

A northerly blast of cold wind shattered our cosy expectation of spring weather today and, although the sun did put in an appearance eventually, an icy breeze made clearing up the remainder of our top patio of the debris left behind from our cultivation works pretty uncomfortable. But I was done and done more vigorously than usual, there being no motivational force better than a cold wind round the bottom of your top or indeed round the top of your bottom. A wiggle worked wonders once I had got one on.

Two new things to record in today’s entry. Firstly within a brisk walk from home is the scene in the picture. Sevenfields Local Nature Reserve. We knew it was there but not that it was this extensive. In this lockdown it was as deserted and remote a place as you could imagine anywhere and our exercise walk around it was the more enjoyable for the almost complete absence of people. A few dog walkers were out and about but not many. I am now habitually hailing people from my prescribed social-distancing distance away, saying hello and saying thank you from a distance. People smile back in return and I like to believe we both hen return to our homes feeling positive about the encounter and less fearful.

The second thing is illustrated by the photo of my fitbit. Yes you disbelievers and naysayers, that is definitely my fitbit. 11,000 + steps is unheard of in my sedentary existence! It surely must be the best preparation for catching the virus and look also at the cardio vascular stress level. I was, to say the absolute least, a good deal less chilly around the bottom when we arrived back home than when we left.

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