Saturday, 16 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 54

Well that was exciting! Today I ventured over the boundary and protectively be-gloved took our car off to our GP’s surgery for a vitamin B12 injection.

I must have an injection of this essential vitamin every 12 weeks. That bit of one’s anatomical plumbing which magically extracts this vitamin from one’s medium rare sirloin is my case sadly long gone up in smoke up the hospitals incinerator chimney. 

It was all rather nerve racking having not driven a car for 53 days being allowed out on my own wandering around in the minefield that is Swindon right now but I was brave, and very, very alert. These virus particles at 0.08 of a micron on average are crafty little buggers. Even though it is said they are an omnipresent danger I personally found none of them, not one and I was very, very alert!

I fell to thinking on the way how short a time it takes to become used to safety and being protected and how easily it must be to become institutionalised and even downright scared of what used to be normal. Never has the cliché ‘must get out more’ made as much sense as it does now.

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