Monday, 18 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 58

This is a favourite little spot in the garden where I sit on a few upright eucalyptus logs in the morning with a first fresh coffee of the day listening to the busy birds about their work nesting, fighting, mating, scoffing, bragging their prowess from the high perches with the loudest more raucous species shouting down the other birds. Almost you might say, an avian version of our houses of parliament, but still in operation unlike its human counterpart now silenced effectively by a virus.

We are fortunate to have this garden and are acutely aware of how lucky we are compared to flat dwellers confined to small high-rise living conditions in this lockdown but it is actually a pretty small garden. Our total plot is only 1/6 th of an acre nearly half of which is occupied by a house and smaller front garden but feels much larger thanks to the internal views and paths. There is quite a lot crammed in here too but I will say a little more about that later with a few extra views.

Covid - 19 continues to rage, ravage and divide us. The data would seem to suggest that new cases and new deaths are declining but apart from this being at a cripplingly slow rate all trust in data seems to have evaporated along with our governments credibility.

As usual emotions and feelings are opposing decisive action and there is a more or less comprehensive lack of leadership. Great leadership is the only thing which has ever resolved these polar extremes of human nature and a lack of it is allowing an atmosphere to develop full of fear, apprehension  and insecurity in a situation already frightening enough. Johnson has been found out to be the useless media creation he is and is floundering out of control. Covid - 19 is not an enemy which can be blustered,  blubbered and lied out of existence and is, it seems to me, destroying the credibility of extremist right wing governments in its path. Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro, national leaders with the top three Covid - 19 death figures in the world are all of them losing credibility and have been found wanting. They are also, interestingly enough, most likely to risk losing supporters to Covid - 19.

Meanwhile the loony left wing of UK politics appears to have been dealt with for good and will, hopefully, expire gracefully along with the urban, middle class, leftover 1970’s, lefties that gave it succour. In what could almost be the beginnings of a conspiracy theory this is also the demographic most at risk of being picked off by the virus.

The working man has a chance again, slim I know, but a glimmer of hope now exists that a moderate liberal future for our great grandchildren freely living and working in peaceful cooperation with other nations is now a dreamable dream again and one day history might record that it all began in The Covid.

In the meantime another raucous species, desperate to return, in the flesh, to the Houses of Parliament is screeching from the rooftops. A new mild mannered but incisive crow, aloof in his black gown far out-shines the flashy, star spangled starling on the opposite bough which shrinks into the bushes cowering in the absence of his rowdy mates; a newly exposed, over rated, pumped up bully boy soon perhaps to find himself stranded and flailing on the wrong side of history.

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