Thursday, 14 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 13

Unlucky 13? I beg to differ. Today our neighbour rang to see if we needed anything and brought us back a lettuce, cucumber and salad potatoes from Aldi (who seem to be better set up than any of the main supermarkets). We have such incredible support from our family and neighbours. On a general level, society as a whole are living without as much face-to-face social contact but other more inspiring social behaviours, long lost perhaps, are being re-discovered amongst communities up and down the country. When lockdown is lifted we should reflect on those behaviours we do NOT want to return to.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Think of the amount of fondness swashing around and all locked up in private at the moment frustrated for want of expression. As a child of the 60-70’s I cannot help thinking that we might be heading towards another age of Aquarius and some day ahead there will be one humongous love-in. We are well prepared as you can see!

There will be art today. For exercise there will be excavations in the garden to cultivate the area previously assigned to the now abandoned pond project. Digging for Britain is in full swing. In the potting shed I found a packet of runner bean seeds which my Dad bought (which makes them at least 6 years old) which have been planted in trays. There is a reasonable chance that some of them might germinate. Somewhere later in this narrative I will be reporting the creation of a new recipe for runner bean and lentil curry. My own fresh beans will be jolly handy when all our UK crops rot in the fields for want of all the seasonal EU workers we sent packing. The Government will be busing them back in soon, mark my words!

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