Saturday, 16 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 48

Backgrounds of finely loaded bookcases seems to be de rigour for talking heads on our tellyboxes and has raised some dispute as to whether or not the books contained therein say much regarding the character of the individual doing the talking. The caption for today’s image, myself adorning our library steps, is therefore “Bookcase, call that a bookcase! LOL!”. Work me out if you can!

I am surprised at how entertaining some of the ‘lockdown’ TV programs have turned out. The Mash Report, HIGNIFY, Grayson Perry’s Art Club, Matt Lucas, Gardener’s World, seem to me to have not only made successful television within the restrictions but have greatly enhanced our sense of community and shared troubles. One that struck me as particularly poignant, even uplifting, was Janina Ramirez’ issue of ‘Museums in Quarantine’. They have all been good but hers had an extra resonance for me. Her voiced over film from inside a shuttered and silent British Museum and concentrating on her favourite pieces somehow managed to counter balance the crisis which locked it’s doors against a considerable weight of history comfortingly turning these times into a mere event in the passing of centuries.

There is good news and bad news. Bad news is the complete absence of hedgehog poo! In other bad news I am out and about at 5:50 am scouring the garden for them. The good news is that this ridiculously uncivilised time of day turns out to be the best time to book on online grocery deliveries from our local superstore and I have one. Our chief warder will be pleased. Not news as such but Day 50 coming up is a significant day not just because it is VE day but for another reason which I hope can be revealed later.

It is particularly irritating to find that at least one newspaper has headlined 8th May as Victory over Europe day! A particularly vicious, and I would say, deliberately provocative piece of blatant racism specifically intended to keep anti-european sentiment on the boil. It is my view that the parties and individuals to whom this attitude appeals are in for an unwelcome reversal of their fortunes. In my life time? I believe so, I hope and believe that I will be restored to my European Citizenship and my European heritage and be allowed to feel at home again where I belong.

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