Thursday, 14 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 7

We live opposite a sizable school playing field and typical of such maintained sports fields it is frequented by seagulls. I think they must be attracted by fertiliser, probably fish meal, regularly spread over it. Seagulls are therefore resident all year round in quite large numbers.
Today the sunshine was warm, glorious and uplifting and with our local seagulls making their usual row we felt positively ‘on holiday’. We are settling into this lockdown quite comfortably I think. Busy in the garden, regular coffee in the warm outdoors, not, deliberately not, rushing or working to a timetable or even caring if the job is completed, chatting to the neighbours is the very essence of living in the moment, involuntarily and forced to, but relishing the experience.
Some long overdue fence-painting was completed today and a little green house work. I managed to surprise myself in the greenhouse.

Our neighbour to the left is an industrial robot service engineer and keeps, for example, food packaging lines working. Why he has not been declared a key worker is beyond me. Another neighbour, who works in the NHS related stories of people ignoring keep out signs, climbing over barriers, wandering around in secure areas and for a good ten minutes we swapped stories about the general stupidity all around. One of the least attractive things to come out of this crisis is how much of the UK population is either lazy minded (can’t be arsed, as they say) or just plain thick.
Later our garden was filled with loud music from a neighbour who’s family decided to relax in their hot tub, all of them, all together for about the next three hours. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, please do, but surely it is a poor idea to congregate in a hot warm environment, cheek by jowl, even if you are all in the same household. Guess which neighbour’s family was relaxing in Corona soup, the engineer or the nurse. The nurse! (I shit you not! As they say!)

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