Saturday, 16 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 56

There will not be an entry today apart from this little rant. Technical updates are afoot. All will become clear in the foulness of time hopeful no more foul than this time tomorrow but it could be the day after.
In the meantime, stay safe. Stay alert. Me? I'm staying home until I decide its safe. I trust no-one but myself. The disadvantage of having a lying bunch of amoral incompetents in power is the complete loss of trust in what they say to ever be true. I do not want to hear that idiot Hancock say once more we "pledge" , we "promise", we "target". I think that the people of this nation want reality and they want it to have happened before their press conference and not hear yet more promises and more pledges at these press conferences. I trust only myself.
And another thing. I do not clap the NHS in a self congratulatory virtue signalling extravaganza every Thursday. I show my support for the NHS by not voting Tory, the party that voted down their pay rise in 2017, the party that has destroyed them over 12 years and is now rumoured to be planning to freeze their pay. Angry does not come anywhere near it!

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