Saturday, 16 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 52

Stay alert! STAY ALERT!

This is apparently to be the new slogan. “Stay at home, save the NHS, save lives” might remain the rule for some time but not the slogan. The reason for a change of slogan is obvious. Stay alert places all the onus on you the individual. When the predicted and disastrous second wave comes the government will be able to say, “It’s your fault, you didn’t stay alert!" Slogans, just like advertising jingles and the comedian’s catch phrase, are cleverly, subversively designed to get in your head and stick there, a process otherwise known as subliminal brain brainwashing.
The Johnson will make a Churchillian speech today, not on our behalf, not on Parliaments behalf, not even on the governments behalf but on his own, the self styled hero of the hour who will no doubt continue in this way with deliberately mixed messages none of the hard rules or instructions necessary for keeping order and control and will create a confused public who will interpret them inappropriately. The lockdown will have been both lifted and not lifted at the same time, a Schrödinger's lockdown, but importantly it will a) not be the government’s fault but ours for not “staying alert” and b) will allow this duplicitous regime and its media created messianic leader to continue a policy of herd immunity; kill off the old folks; not give a shit because the economy comes first; publicly espouse the opposite.

But slogans can be two edged swords. Being very keen, assiduous even, on recycling I can envisage todays slogans being recycled. For example, this exhortation to Tory voters at the next election:-


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