Sunday, 17 May 2020

BACK IN THE COVID - The Lockdown Diary Day 57

I have today started to publish this lockdown diary via a blog.

Spindrift Pages, has been around for a while and was planned for a launch during this my 71st year. I am creating a largely autobiographical website, or more accurately, a personal “write up” which will by definition always be unfinished. (Until my annihilation of course!) Such content never makes good browsing material but at least I can announce any significant updates via a blog. There is in this endeavour a slow but grand working up to a finale or coda to a period I am calling my “allegorical”. I am moving on to new things in a number of areas of interest.

My dear wife Sharon and I are tired, very tired after travelling a long weary road together but we can at last look forward to a munch or two on the fragrant grass of the sunlit uplands of our lives. Together we will be just as busy probably but peaceful at least and doing some of the things we love most more often. The Covid, when it has finally fizzled out will have been quite an effective albeit undesirable full stop and has put so much more into perspective. Okay it has also made those sunlit uplands a little more difficult to enjoy thanks to social distancing but we can now drive there and in principle we are on a roll and hope to kick our futures off with a holiday in October virus willing.

This was a not insignificant step to move to blogging. I work from the cloud synced with a local copy on a tablet PC that had run out of space. All files needed to be transferred to a new additional memory which meant reworking all the defaults in every application which uses these files. Web design and management, FTP, editing, word processing, graphics systems, document handling the list is endless.

It is done. This is the first of my diary blog entries and also the latest addition to my Lockdown diary which normally lives in the autobiographical section of my “write up” which is, funnily enough, entitled 71.

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